Classification of ceramic proppants

Definition of Ceramic Proppant
Ceramic Proppant is the key material in the exploration of low-permeability fracturing of oil and gas well. It is used for deep well fracturing. Ceramic Proppant is filled into the low permeability deposit in the crack of rock stratum in order to crack the rock of oil and gas, and propping the fractures not to be closed because of the released force when extracting oil by high closed fracturing, thereby to maintain the high conductivity of oil and gas.
Classfication of Ceramic Proppants
By compression strength
      According to crush resistance, ceramic proppant is divided into 52MPaŁ¨7500psiŁ©, 69MPaŁ¨10000psiŁ©, 86MPaŁ¨12500psiŁ©, 103MPaŁ¨15000psiŁ©.
By Bulk Density
      According to bulk density, ceramic proppant is divided into: low density or light weight, medium density, high-density.
By Specifications
      Specifications of Ceramic Proppant are: 12-18 mesh, 12-20 mesh, 16-20 mesh, 16-30 mesh, 20-40 mesh between 30-50 mesh, 40-60 mesh, 40-70 mesh and so on.